Thursday, August 30, 2012

Green-Up Cranberry Energy Drink Review

A problem for many of the early Red Bull clones when they expanded their offerings, a drink called Green-Up feels a bit silly with a red can. The main problem is the name, who although probably derives from its advertised naturalness, immediately calls for a green can, or risk looking ridiculous.

Pheromones of actual juice come exploding out of the can, and influence the flavor in obvious ways. It is hardly carbonated but rough around the edges regardless, thanks in part by the fruits' organic bite. It tastes namely of cranberry, but apple and red grape certainly play some notes here; all minimally sweetened, earthy and somewhat tart. It is a balanced experience, a conspicuous Canadian cocktail with far more ambition than its tropical brother.

The kick suffers from the small eight ounces, lasting only an hour and a half. Each can contains only guarana and eighty milligrams of caffeine. Overall, Green-Up Cranberry is purposeful product who's taste shines through the foggy can and kick.

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