Tuesday, August 28, 2012

XS Wild Berry Blast Energy Drink Review

With an easily noticed logo and two shades of blue, Berry Blast does its best to breath life into the fatigued design. The color scheme actually works quite well here, arguably the brand's best yet, although it redundantly remarks about its diet nature one too many times.

My can sweating in New England's humidity, I cracked open the can without emotion. Not because perspiring turns me off (quite the contrary...) but because this is where the brand tends to fail. The flavor tries never to persuade the drinker out of the their low expectations, a dormant drink who sips flatly. Tasting quite complexly of blue, black, rasp and strawberry, the fruits do not play well together, free of tartness or their natural verve. The first of the tetralogy could be toned down, and the last of the quartet should be more confident on the tongue. But overall, this rather quaffable Rockstar Zero Carb ripoff does not flatter its likely inspiration.

With each can containing: caffeine, a proprietary herb blend, taurine, ginseng, and B vitamins, the kick averaged only an hour. In the end, XS Berry Blast is just another one of those unexceptional energy drinks us critics suffer through time after time.

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