Saturday, September 1, 2012

Rocket Chocolate Peppermint Crunch Review

Pink is a color who constantly struggles on energy products. It is no different here, and while the gold trim is a nice touch and although the stripes relate the wrapper successfully to a candy-cane, it just is nothing special to look at.

With actual peppermint oils, this Rocket Chocolate preforms quite decently. The thick brick does not crunch but rather crumbles before melting, a cream with a slight caffeine note. It is far more palatable than any varieties prior, but the chocolate itself is still painfully second rate. Dollar Tree sells higher quality chocolates, and is impressive only when compared to previous varieties.

There is not much energy to be had with just one, powered solely by forty two milligrams of caffeine. The buzz clocked in at less than an hour, its strength preforming middlingly. Overall, this Peppermint Crunch variety of Rocket Chocolate is more ambitious than awesome.

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