Saturday, August 18, 2012

Shock-A-Lots Chocolate Covered Coffee Bean Candy Review

Shock-A-Lots come to us in a decent packaging, with some visuals stripped through an otherwise transparent bag. But considering how little real-estate they give the logo to work with, it feels cramped and congested, with the above and subjacent statements hard to even notice.

The yellow spheres crunch with the candy coat shattering into sharp fragments, piercing into the inner creamy chocolate layer. What is inside the cocoa wrapping are actual coffee beans, one per piece of course, a brittle center that brings the beans' incredible depth with a perfect amount of bitterness. It is balanced by the confection's surprising sugariness, for dark chocolate anyway, giving each M&M-esque morsel some mainstream appeal. I found myself really enjoying Shock-A-Lots, so much so that a second bag immediately followed the first.

The plastic casing claims each satchel equals two cups of coffee, a declaration that is as bold as it is vague. The interweb confirms the assertion however, accusing each piece of containing twenty milligrams of caffeine, which equates to 240 through 320 if the packaging holds twelve to sixteen candies. The buzz lasted nearly four hours, a strong and immediate kick that caused some jitters along the way. In the end, Shock-A-Lots are impressive, though an exact caffeine content would be appreciated.

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