Monday, August 20, 2012

E240v Fruit Blend Energy Shot Review

E240v Fruit Blend is an energy shot who's name is hard to read beyond the large E. The small '240v' is easy to miss, and frankly makes no sense, on a bottle who is visually stock and loaded with cliche and brobdingnagian text.

The perforated cap removes with ease, exposing a white top who covers the yellow drink and its plastic scent. The texture is surprisingly dense, crawling out of the bottle rather than flowing, and the flavor practices some unexpected worshiping of banana. It is hardly sweet but still very candy-like; dumbly simple without any interest in intricacy or mention of other fruits. The two ounces drink quick despite its heavy consistency, with only the smallest bite of bitterness to be tasted. I liked how the E240v tastes artificially of banana, a unexampled experience certainly worth dropping seventy five cents for.

Each two ounce bottle contains: caffeine (in the form of "caffeine citrate"), taurine, inositol, and the typical band of B vitamins. The buzz hit me quick but was of rather typical strength, and a jittery three hours later I was reaching for another caffeinated concoction. All in all, E240v Fruit Blend does not blend fruits, but its unnatural focus on banana makes for one unique shot.

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