Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Buzz Brownzzz Energy Brownie Review

Packaged in a large muffin-like wrapper, Buzz Brownzzz is easily crushed, so the actual sweet does not get many "brownie" points for appearance (see what I did there?). The label however is even worse, nothing but a plain yellow box with boring black text. Surely they could have done something more original, considering the product itself is considerably creative.

The brownie chews softly, melting into a moist mouthful that tastes strongly of fake chocolate. That is not a bad thing however, as there is not as much bitterness present as expected, hardly noticeable next to a mild plastic aftertaste that plagues any pre-packaged bakery good. The pastry is fudgey as you nibble away towards its center, each bite itself never cloyingly sweet but the confection as a whole is quite sugary. It is far better than the only other caffeinated brownie had, UpCakes, but we really do not need such a large piece, as its saccharine simplicity grows a bit stale.

Caffeine, taurine, ginseng, and guarana make up the buzz to this brownie, a three hour kick that impresses mildly. All in all, Buzz Brownzzz were not baked by an amateur, but it certainly was not Martha Stewart.

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Anonymous said...

Worthless trash

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