Friday, August 24, 2012

Xenergy Melon Mayhem Energy Drink Review

The Christmas tree green may shine off of the exhausting bare silver, but feels too soft for an energy drink. Plus, that empty aluminum color is quite difficult to photograph without including the photographer. What is more, the longer I look at the can the more the horizontal text wears down my eyes; there is simply too much!

The drink has the sweet scent of hard watermelon candy, a great foreshadowing of the flavor. It is an incredibly simple experience despite the combination of the aforementioned, honey dew and cantaloupe. Only the first two would be nectarous to a child's palate however, with the latter more honest, cutting with some tartness and an edge of realism. But with placid effervescence each sip is smooth and swift, veiling any and all actual depth. It is sixteen ounces of diet delight, but beverages before have been more memorable.

Each can contains: a few B vitamins, taurine, guarana, caffeine (184mg), inositol, and ginseng. The buzz lasted a standard three hours without jitters, of average strength and without a resulting crash. Overall, although worthy of the brand, Xenergy Melon Mayhem is the weaker of the two debuting drinks.

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