Sunday, October 7, 2012

Rocket Chocolate Raspberry Review

Difficult to photograph like children (especially when you do not want the parents to notice), Rocket Chocolate Raspberry top gold trim looks like my hair in the morning. But the reddish pink of the packaging is uninspired and resembles other varieties far too much.

Raspberry chocolate has never been a favorite, however the harmonious fruitiness seems to mask the line's trademark bitter aftertaste. There is enough cocoa flavor to the sweet creaminess of this easily melted treat, however it would be brazenly out of place among the offerings of a gourmet chocolatier.

Forty one milligrams of caffeine is enough, when you have three or four of the free samples sent to you. The kick lasts four hours from that, and lessens down to an hour if only one is had. In the end, Rocket Chocolate Raspberry is decent even to one usually unimpressed with raspberry chocolates, and is easily the best Star Runner yet.

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