Friday, October 5, 2012

Swing Juice Diet Lemon Tea Hybrid Energy Drink Review

Swing Juice calls itself a "hybrid energy drink," which is confusing considering it never mentions what it is a hybrid of. From its familiar shape and design, we assume it is a combination energy and sports drink, but it could be a wine for all we know. A diet lemon tea, this is a very confused container, considering the jejune golf graphics and a name who suggests the presence of juice despite having none (or at least less than one percent).

The safety cap cracks with one turn of the wrist, and my first sip was surprisingly adequate. There is enough sourness for the lemon, a fruit of decent honesty and potency, and enough sweetness to block the tea's bitterness. The two are complementing and blended well, each sip having the right amount of each, and without effervescence the quaffs are quite liberal. The back of your throat chokes with tart sugariness as the bottle is emptied, not exactly thirst quenching but nonetheless refreshing. Overall, this is a guilty pleasure reminiscent of an authentic Arnold Palmer.

Each twenty ounce bottle contains: caffeine (around 124mg), taurine, B vitamins, ginseng, and ginkgo. The buzz was unspectacular, lasting under an hour without jitters or reaching an admiral strength. In the end, Swing Juice Diet Lemon Tea is a young product who makes its inexperience all too obvious.

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