Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nawgan Red Berries Alertness Beverage Review

With 100 milligrams of caffeine among some suspicious dialog, Nawgan confuses all by calling itself an "alertness beverage," to the point where it was almost disregarded on the shelf. But its can, white with red trim and casual text, is completely uninteresting, and does not look like a caffeinated cocktail at all.

Non carbonated, this perfumeless product tastes only mildly of cran and raspberries, hardly tart with vague notes of somewhat saccharine strawberry. It gives the entire experience its only sweetness, with the previous two diluted of everything you expect with fresh fruit. The unfortunate elixir has nothing else to debut by this point, and with over half a can left, this is when I truly regretted my purchase. Overall, the texture is oily and the flavor is monotonous, making for a drink that is more difficult to down than it should be.

Each can contains: caffeine (100mg) and B vitamins, a brew with many familiar faces missing in action. There is also some citicoline, 250 mg of the stuff, however the kick lasted only two hours regardless. All in all, Nawgan Red Berries' unique efforts are appreciated, but their unadroit execution is unforgivable.

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