Thursday, October 11, 2012

Sport Beans Lemon-Lime Quick Energy Review

By appealing to those who view "energy" as carbohydrates and not caffeine, the packaging is appropriate, if predictable. There is a bit too much green however, and while there is quite a bit of text, everything reads well.

Fourteen jelly beans is not enough at first glance, something any candy connoisseur would agree with. But then you pop a few in your mouth, and their grainy texture and fruitless flavor will have you wishing there were even less! The two accused citruses appear without verve and with little sourness, instead favoring a sickly sweetness that is too much, especially while exercising. They are dehydrating and leave you wondering how these adorn the quality "Jelly Belly" brand.

There is no caffeine, but there are some B and C vitamins, electrolytes, and carbohydrates. It does nothing and has no noticeable effect for those under abuse from the gym. In the end, with doubtful quantities of vitamins and electrolytes, you are better off with a few real jelly beans at a better price.

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