Saturday, October 13, 2012

Blink Perfect Peach Energy Water Review

The "0 color" at the top is obvious to anyone with eyes, and since the bottle itself uses orange recklessly and overwhelmingly, you can hardly separate the logo from the rest of the surplus scripture.

The peach flavor is unexpectedly truthful (although not quite perfect), thriving in the aqueousness by being softly sweet with a mild acidic bite. Real sugar honeys each sip honestly, without wrecking the wateriness of such drinks or ever resembling a soda. Unfortunately though, the addition of the sweetener Stevia brings a bit of an herbal aftertaste that cuts the otherwise accomplished xeroxing of the fuzzy fruit. Overall, finishing this almost refreshing beverage was no struggle, but my palate longed for some effervescence and more flavor.

There is 150 milligrams of caffeine, a fact never tasted. The buzz lasted approximately three hours, but left me satisfied from lusting more of the stimulant afterward. Overall, this Perfect Peach variety benefits from the presence of a caloric sweetener, but there are still a few kinks in Blink.

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Brenda Gehrmann said...

Do you know where i can buy some? I love this stuff!

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