Monday, October 15, 2012

Andale Energy Drink Review

Nearly identical to the diet version reviewed weeks ago, Andale regular does not look quite as decent. Now the can is checkered, breaking the flow of the text and visuals, resulting in a stiff and corporate design.

Each sip of this forecasted Red Bull clone is analogously creamy to its low carb cousin, however everything here tastes a little less disgusting. The obligatory apple and vanilla are not as medicinal and are kinder to both each other and to the palate, furthermore featuring a far less astringent sourness. It is thick in the mouth, crawling down the throat like honey. It is also sweet like honey, probably much more so, but peaking at a fairly tolerable level. Overall, Andale is an infecund imitation who tastes only slightly less awful than its synthetically sweetened sister.

For three hours my caffeine craving was satisfied, thanks to a cocktail of: caffeine, vitamin C, ginseng, guarana, inositol, taurine, B vitamins, and L-carnitine. On the whole, I would not ever drink Andale again; even if I was sent several additional cans, they would just be left to expire.

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