Wednesday, October 17, 2012

G Shot Goji Berries Energy Shot Review

There is much more color here than the Green Tea variety had, giving the unzipping pictorials partial personality even if the primaries and secondaries look selected at random. The glass shot feels as impressive as ever in the palm, a solid weight that really makes leaves an impression, albeit one praising the heft and forgetting the design.

The cap pops off without hassle, unveiling a mild scent with an equally mild herbal bite. The flavor is instantly reminiscent of the company's other offering, an earthy sweetness perked with peculiar nuances of what tastes like your grocer's entire fruit selection. No one citrus or berry or drupe or anything is confirmed, an august hodgepodge that has the tongue working overtime. Yet the saccharinity sadly struggles to provide the flavors with enough for the everyday palate, and each sip's slight bitterness does not help. I would select this over the previous G Shot, however there are many other shots I would choose over the both of them, and many drinks over them all.

Two hours lasted the buzz, without immediate or eventual crash thereafter. Antioxidants are apparently packed into each seventy milliliters, but there is also caffeine, taurine, and B vitamins. All in all, G Shot Goji Berries' glass bottle and flavor are things I can appreciate even if I did not exactly enjoy them.

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Harvey Smith said...

Your bottle looks full of Goji juice. Goji is rich in natural phytonutrients and vitamins. I truly admire your content.
Goji Berries

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