Friday, October 19, 2012

Rocket Chocolate Chocolate Mint Review

Gold and green are decent enough on the eyes, especially the shine of the former, however rocket colored of the latter struggles to make much of an impact. Another criticism is just how blurry it is- oh wait, that is just the photo I took.

Mint does the bar wonders, an otherwise stock chocolate taste brought to new heights thanks to the inclusion. The candy thaws into a gooey liquor that hits all the right notes, enough sweet and without any bitterness. Cocoa butter and coconut oil are the fatties here, the former providing a richer mouthfeel while the latter renders the piece liquid with only the slightest source of heat. The texture melts rather waxy however, and the treat grows cloying with several, but the simple fact that I could eat several is something.

A quaint quantity of forty plus milligrams of caffeine fails to stimulate, requiring another candy or at least something else to get you through the day. On the whole, Rocket Chocolate Chocolate Mint exceeded my expectations, my very low expectations.

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