Sunday, October 21, 2012

Nawgan Mandarin Orange Energy Drink Review

Aside from the elementary maze above the logo, Nawgan Mandarin Orange's can is read with disinterested eyes. There is a lot of white and only a bit of color, but it is a bland transition with an unfortunate preference of the former. The design fails to recognize how inelegant it actually is, because something is not this visually incurious on accident.

The fibbing pheromones promise an orange soda-esque experience, however the flat fluid tastes little of the fruit. It demonstrates no tartness and an inept sweetness, with a early earthy Stevia aftertaste and oily finish that you must and do eventually get used to. There is little of either the pledged citruses, let alone a complex braiding of both. Rather each sip is diluted and distant, a painfully dry and discouraging drink from brewers obviously virgins to the Floridian fruit. No carbonation certainly does no help, adding only additional grating idiosyncrasies to an already bizarre beverage.

Each can contains: citicoline, B vitamins, and 100 mg of caffeine. The kick lasted only a few hours, without a noticeably raised alertness or much energy. Overall, not only did Nawgan Mandarin Orange not impress me, it somehow lowers my already subterranean expectations for future flavors.

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