Tuesday, October 23, 2012

XS Electric Lemon Blast Energy Drink Review

Although a scheme better suited for lemon-lime and not just lemon, the yellow is visually arresting, and the perfect background for the green visuals and the orange gradient logo. The slogan, "All the energy! None of the sugar," feels ripped right off of an '80's can of Jolt Cola, but it gets its point across nonetheless. It does however, render the above "0 Sugar... 2 carbs" and parallel "only 16 calories" redundant. The latter line, though, is confusing on its own, considering consumers will wonder why and how something diet has a dime, nickle and penny's worth of food energy.

I would have bet my life that this XS would have me reaching for something else, and although that was correct, I never would have surmised it would be a second can. The flavor initializes with a sharp souring, puckering the palate and prepping you for an onslaught of sweet lemon bliss. The tart fruit lacks depth, but it is a radiant caricature with its own sort of satisfying simplicity. There is implications of lime in the sweet nectar, a grainy texture of hyper-saccharinity that is oddly refreshing as the gulps dance down. The second citrus is internally less saccharine despite its surfeit surroundings, providing its own acidic bite in the back of your throat. Overall, I would drink this again, by choice, and even if there were other drinks on the shelf.

Each can contains: caffeine, B vitamins, taurine, ginseng and the brand's trademark herb blend. The buzz is not on par with its flavor, lasting only an hour and a half. Overall, XS Electric Lemon Blast should come in a larger can, because its diminutive eight ounce serving kicks without impressing.

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