Thursday, October 25, 2012

Swing Juice Pomegranate Berry Hybrid Energy Drink Review

The golf theme is admittedly a decent one, if not incredibly niche. That is in theory however, as the execution is embarrassing and arrogant off the course. The label, namely the clip art and stock texts, feel amateurish, and its Vitamin Water-esque bottle is even less inspired.

There is little fragrance beneath the cap, but there thankfully is much more flavor. The beverage does not lie when it promises pomegranate and berries, the latter a cocktail of black, blue, and cranberry. The botanical blend share a central tartness influenced by the bunch, deep with nuanced complexities of each. Even the former namesake shares in the fun, and Swing Juice's use of cane sugar only intensifies the already honest expressions of the involved. It is a surprisingly strong sweetness, something the flavors thirst with all the acidity and subtleties. Each sip it refreshing and smooth, natural and surprisingly good, if not great.

The drink's biggest problem is what is always written here: the kick. It is practically non-existent, with sixty two and a half milligrams of caffeine to thank. Why a company would reduce their product's stimulant quantity by half is well beyond me. Each bottle also holds: B vitamins, ginseng, taurine, and ginkgo. In the end, Swing Juice Pomegranate Berry tastes good enough that I can almost forgive its poor appearance and potency (hint: there is a keyword there; hint: it is 'almost').

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