Sunday, November 4, 2012

Andale! Rapido! Energy Shot Review

An unprepossessing shrinking of its sixteen ounce siblings, Rapido looks like a generic brand shot from a foreign store. The guy is awkwardly posed and hideous, with text in stock font with haste placement. The label makes an amusing error however, claiming this was "canned under authority," when it was obviously bottled.

My taste buds hurled at the concentrated Red Bull scent, however both of the two ounces of brazen unoriginality are quick and painless. Four grams of real sugar, aided by some artificial, give this caramel colored concoction fantastic honesty with its sweetness, although any actual flavor is hard to find. The viscous sap absently resembles what it is to the nose to the tongue, with vague suggestions of vanilla only present. It is tiresomely gummy with very little tartness. Perhaps the last few drops expose something along the lines of blue raspberry and white grape, but now is hardly the time to start tasting like something other than corn syrup.

In addition to the aforementioned four grams of sugar, there are: fifteen calories, caffeine, guarana, inositol, taurine, ginseng, B vitamins, and vitamin C. There certainly is a lot under the cap, and the buzz lasted a surprising three hours from it all. In the end, Andale! Rapido! is not anywhere near as exciting as the two explanation marks insinuate.

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