Friday, November 2, 2012

Speed Ethanol Energy Drink Review

Now a competitive sixteen ounces, Speed Ethanol's larger can also offers more visual candy than its twelve ounce brothers and sisters. The celebrity endorsement is wisely if unintentially understated, and the design's great simplicity allows the logo to be immediately spotted and read. The color palate of green, black and white is wonderful, however the bias towards the secondary fades the "Ethanol" moniker into the background at quick glance.

Ethanol is an alleged blend of the company's Octane and Fuel varieties, a creative experience that is equally uncreative. The truthfulness is disputable, but based on my previous reviews, I would validate their claim. Each sip is super sweet with a dull edge of lemon and orange, hardly sour and with even less initial depth. Eventually traces of mango break through the dimensionless blend of shallow fruits, an originally abstract taste that soon replaces the yellow citrus as a predominate. Unfortunately, everything is muddled behind the beverage's thick sugariness, a distracting saccharinity that forces the experience to drink passively and without passion. The can was empty before I knew what happened, but it was a flavor not long remembered.

B vitamins, caffeine (187.5 mg), inositol, taurine, and guarana fuel a three plus hour buzz, one without subsequent crash or jitters. On the whole, in a race between Speed varieties, Ethanol comes in third out of four total racers.

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Rate the speed drinks best to worst.

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