Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Military Grade Energy Shot Review

Unseen to the right is a flat handle on its side furthering the product's grenade basis, a cool idea that is horribly implemented; it just looks like some ungainly giant gray rectangle. The logo, product description and slogan are prominently displayed and the bottle is generally without clutter, but the fonts are entirely generic and the rest design feels a bit rushed and amateurish.

Military Grade is full-on cherry flavored, one without bitterness and with some unexpected depth. Raspberry and cranberry are woven throughout and appear in both the first and last sip, the former fruit imbuing its own sweet edge and the latter broadening the overall tartness. Sucralose and ace-k try their hardest, and as shot without real sugar its saccharinity is adequately realistic and appropriate enough for the included tastes. Each sip has some misplaced medicinal burn, but it is well controlled under the decent sweetness and felicitous fruit flavors.

Fifteen calories, caffeine, taurine, guarana, l-arginine, B vitamins, and vitamin C make up most of the energy blend here. It is the most derivative list of ingredients however, with the kick lasting two hours with something small of a crash. All in all, Military Grade Energy Shot was worth the sixty or so cents paid at Job Lots, but this two ounce dietary supplement needs some more training before it is worth much more.

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