Thursday, November 8, 2012

Nawgan Lemonade Energy Drink Review

"Alertness Beverage" is nothing but a gimmicky nickname for energy drink, which Nawgan Lemonade fits the bill perfectly of. But at $1.99, it is an expensive investment for something only eleven and a half ounces, with its can failing to provide premium optical attributes to explain its costliness. It is boring and uninteresting, thick with trite text and with zero personality.

Without any juice to help, this Nawgan variety nails the brisk tartness of any authentic lemonade. It is bright and refreshing, especially without any effervescence. But the drink struggles to impersonate the citrus, lacking all character and depth. And the sweetness is a tad pale too, although there is enough to prevent bitter or dryness. But with each sip I was awe-struck by how satisfactory the sourness was, an unexpected treat in an otherwise pedestrian product. Worth consuming over its caloric cousins, but this diet drink is nowhere near worth its price tag.

There is not much energy to be felt, with my alertness kindred to any drink with a similar blend of: caffeine (100 mg), vitamin B6, B12 & E, green tea and citicoline. The kick lasted two hours at most, without any crash after. Overall, Nawgan Lemonade surprised more so than impressed me, but it is the line's best beverage thus far.

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