Saturday, November 10, 2012

Mr Brown Iced Coffee Review

Mr. Brown Iced Coffee ran me just shy of a buck at my grocer's Asian import section, its exotic and inexpensiveness driving me to pick one up more so than its can. It is short and stout like d'X Power or M-150, thick aluminum walls painted ugly by Mr. Brown's own appearance (and disgruntled portrait painter). It is decidedly retro but in the worst possible way, a bland gradient covered cheaply with coffee beans and formulaic fonts.

Mr. Brown holding a cup of black coffee is false advertising, considering this some of the whitest looking coffee to date. To taste is somewhat of a different story however, a sweet creaminess complementing but never overpowering the coffee flavor. It is depthless and distant yes, but each sip tastes more like coffee with milk than coffee milk. There is more sugar than fat to the fluid, something sorta separate from the regular ready-to-drink decoction. Never will a canned coffee have me considering it over fresh brewed, but at least this does not have me considering tea.

Each can contains water, coffee extract, sugar, milk powder, and emulsifiers; not exactly destined to give you a wild buzz. I went about an hour before more caffeine was craved, but this never claims to be anything but iced coffee. A foreign, bizarre iced coffee.

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Anonymous said...

Technically the sides and bottom of the can is steel. Only the top is aluminum.
Yes, it matters.

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