Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kabang Grape Energy Candy Review

The dark duo of black and purple is sharp and sultry eye candy. The white text does struggle here off of the latter color, something practiced as a whole by the line, but here being most notably a problem.

The confection unwraps revealing a dull pink hue and imperfect molded shape. The taste is infinitely saccharine and obviously artificially flavored, but quickly did the product succumb to my mouth's moisture and heat, unveiling the anticipated fizzy artifice far earlier than anticipated and any in the line. So I crunched down on the treat and broke the shallow shell of sugar within moments of first popping it onto my tongue, but what was tasted of the grape avoided depth and intricacy, but thrived inside the sweet cascade of effervescent machination. It distracts from any flavor modestness but almost prides itself on this paramount primitiveness. Was the candy finished within seconds? Was it enjoyed? Would another be welcomed? The answer to all three is a yes, but I would be lying if I said it did not detectably disappoint.

For an energy candy, B vitamins, vitamin C, and ginseng hardly satisfies. My daily dose of caffeine needed to be supplemented by something else, in other words I needed to supply my own energy.

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