Thursday, February 14, 2013

Built Ford Tough Haulin' Super Duty Power Shot Grape Review

Why this is an energy shot- oh, sorry, I meant power shot (a super duty one too), is beyond any sane person. No, my vehicle is not a truck, or a Ford, but even if so that would not make me part of the (extremely limited) target audience. Only someone who just loves Ford trucks would ever be like "finally, an energy shot for me!"

For the two something bucks paid, this blandly sweet and tedious tasting shot only resembles grape if you have never had one. It burns with a chemical passion and homages the bitter shots of years ago with an archaic astringency. There is an overabundance of water to each of the few sips two ounces offer, a distracting characteristic to a distracted experience. It is drinkable, but perhaps only to an individual just shy of 1000 reviews.

Other than varied amounts of B vitamins, there is the lamented energy blend, unspecific with quantities of: caffeine, taurine, and other elements. The kick lasted something under three hours, leaving jitters and expiring with a bit of a crash. Altogether, this frustrating energy shot shares a shelf with products with both a market and a chance; it is built Ford weak and, well, the jokes write themselves.

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