Saturday, February 16, 2013

LiveWire Mint Chocolate Energy Chew Review

Unexpected considering the line's focus on fruity tastes, this mint chocolate variety comes as pair taped together, with far less text on its reverse side than the previous produce flavors. That is both a complement or complaint, considering all the words were unstimulating, but now you have just so little information this time around.

The chew chews with little persuasion, mildly resembling chocolate but with a much stronger emphasis on mint. They are complementing tastes but far from a balanced pairing, simple experiences that fortunately guise the other's elementary attempt. The texture is less grainy than some but still not as buttery as wanted, a candy very sweet but never overly so. Overall, LiveWire have produced better varieties, but not too many.

The caffeine content is the same as the plain chocolate one, 200 milligrams of caffeine with two chews. The kick lasts an awesome four hours and hit me swiftly, but there was something of a crash after. All in all, LiveWire Mint Chocolate Energy Chews are a large improvement over the mintless variety.

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