Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Roaring Lion Zero Energy Drink Review

Roaring Lion Zero is another stupid "Zero" variety popularized by Coca-Cola's 2005 attempt. Red Bull tried last year, but things could be traced back to Pepsi One if we really cared, but with all honesty, we do not. But about the product itself, visually it is a boring bottle with hardly any detail or personality. The claw mark is cliche, with the bottom statement "Natural Energy Drink" humorously and ironically followed by "with artificial flavors."

Sure, this is an undisguised Red Bull clone, but with an unparalleled smoothness that requires no persuasion to sip. Yes, vanilla and pineapple have bored you before, but things are incredibly balanced here, with impressive ersatz sweetness and a perfect tartness. Things are gummy too, but the ice cold concoction leaves the drinker unbothered by these averagely antiquated attributes. The carbonation is only refreshing to this golden potation, an overall perfection of everything a boilerplate Red Bull clone should be.

There is: caffeine (152 milligrams), taurine, guarana, and a bunch of B vitamins. The two and a half hour buzz is unimpressive, especially with some sixteen ounce drinks now clocking in at 220 milligrams! In the end, this is an ugly and impotent energy drink that tastes good only for a Red Bull clone.

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