Friday, February 22, 2013

Popeye Bruiser Blackberry Energy Drink Review

A fantastic homage to the spinach eating sailor, the can reads extraordinarily well despite all the comic strip commotion. But there is the unshaken question as to why Popeye is the basis for an energy drink, something expected from the lamented Boston America Corp, with their questionable Super Mario and Elvis attempts.

A seventy percentage of juice provides each sip with an unmistaken vinous quality that works well with the coarse carbonation. It bodes exceptionally well to the blackberry flavor too, as well as the less dynamic apple and white grape juices. You can hardly taste the latter, who holds the largest percent of the seventy, however the apple provides enough autumn nuance to the sovereign savor. The sweetness only emphasizes the purple brew's spirituous spirit, a understated but firm saccharinity that is a breath of fresh air amongst the hyper-honeyed drafts of usual. Overall, I would drink this again.

There is 160 milligrams of caffeine and B and C vitamins per can, a fairly unimpressive blend kicking equally unimpressively. But on the whole, the relentless optical artifice and tasty taste keep this powerless drink afloat.

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