Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hansen's Natural Energy Pro Energy Drink Review

I remember seeing this generic can on the shelf years ago, when the market could still accept eight ounce drinks. Today however, it fares poorly; it is cumbersome to read with a name that just does not make a whole lotta sense. It is not catchy or relatable, an also optically uninteresting beverage from the makers of Monster.

The experience consists of an inviting citrus taste namely of lime and lemon, sweet with spectacular honesty. The fruity flavors are tart with great respect to the two naturally, and there is an edge of honeydew melon that cuts into the end of any given gulp. The carbonation relaxed and smooth, a clever contrast to each sip's sharp sapidity. Eight ounces of this resplendent green libation goes down and by much too quickly, as there is probably more depth dodging documentation from the limited ounces offered.

Each can contains: caffeine, taurine, ginseng, ginkgo, vitamin C and B vitamins. No long lasting kick could be derived from only one can, a mediocre buzz continuing for two or so hours. Although tasting great, with a bigger and better looking can, Hansen's Natural Energy Pro could be a whole heck of a lot better overall.

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