Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Rip It G-Force Extra Strength Energy Shot Review

Although rip it is a great budget brand, there packaging certainly makes it feel budget. The undistinguished "X" is hardly stimulating, an otherwise visually vacant shot packed with text. The "sugar free" is uneducatedly placed, and with everything around the same size font, it is too difficult to decipher what points are most important.

It has been three years since the original G-Force was reviewed, but even with almost 1095 days in the lab, the flavor does not condense well. It is not bitter or abhorrent or anything, but the opaque purple potation is watery with less emphasis on grape than there should be. Instead the sweetness, in the shape of sucralose and ace-k, is exaggerated with marginal success. It halts all development of the fruit, keeping nuance and tartness out of each sip. It introduces its own flavors however, cheap artificiality and slight aftertaste that only poorly managed synthetic sweeteners can produce. The experience overall is like knock-off Kool-Aid Burst, only without the childhood nostalgia.

What makes this shot "extra strength" is twenty milligrams more of caffeine and taurine, and even more minor increases of glutamine and glucuronolactone. The kick lasted two and a half, perhaps three hours, but even with B vitamins also, the buzz was less "extra" and more "ordinary."

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