Thursday, February 28, 2013

Feel Raspberry Lemonade Energy Drink Review

Feel Raspberry Lemonade makes no attempt at fooling you; you know this is a natural and low calorie energy drink with even the quickest glance. But this pinkish red and silver color scheme is not their best look, placing too much emphasis on the "raspberry" and not enough on the "lemonade."

Aromatically inviting, this dull purple potable balances both the expected flavors with minimal success. It is too light of a taste, with only a sparse resemblance to lemonade found dwindling behind the more dominate raspberry in an unsuccessful attempt at being a "bite." Do not believe that it means the berry is robust or full bodied however; it suffers voluminously from the reduced sugar content and matches poorly the other savor's token tartness. This barely bubbly experience lies a bit heavy on the tongue, laboriously uninteresting to drink and finish.

The kick lasted something under two hours, one of mediocre strength but without crash. Each can contains: caffeine (eighty five milligrams), guarana, ginseng, B and other vitamins. On the whole, Feel Raspberry Lemonade is not bad, it is just boring.

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