Saturday, March 2, 2013

Mtn Dew Orange Citrus Kickstart Review

Pepsi is oblivious to their failures, cue Pepsi AM and their AMP Energy Juices. They must see a market for sugary glorified sodas to replace healthy juice and black coffee. Mtn Dew Kickstart is the company's latest attempt, and probably is one of the more confused drinks in a long time. It contains juice five percent juice, which cannot replace morning OJ, and with ninety two milligrams, or "just the right amount of kick," it certainly will not be replacing anyone's morning coffee or energy drink.

First sip to this sparkling beverage is rough with trivial orange flavor. Rather tangerine takes the stage, with reasonable depth but does not taste incredibly natural; there just is not enough juice! The muted sweetness is no help either, a tepid mix of syrupy HFCS and dimensionless artificial sugars. Real fruit nectar is a lot more saccharine with tons more personality per sip than this has per can. The texture is both harsh and gummy, dissonant qualities to each other and everything else. Overall, Mtn Dew Orange Citrus Kickstart drinks distractedly with placid passion, a quaffable miscarriage from parents who knew better.

While not an energy drink per se, the aforementioned caffeine with B and C vitamins make up the blend here. It kicks for under an hour to a coffee drinker, which certainly is not "just the right amount." On the whole, this is a mess of fluctuating qualities that never exceed the "mediocre" mark.

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