Monday, March 4, 2013

Honees Energy Plus Review

Sitting on the self for almost years now, Honees Energy Plus went practically unnoticed thanks to its lack of caffeine and uninteresting premise. But I caved at fifty cents on this "honey filled drops" that lack my namesake and the usual suspects. In terms of carbohydrates, this could certainly provide energy, but in today's world of caffeine and stimulants well, we will have to just see about that. The wrapper is gold with easy to read bold text, but boringly without visuals and is entirely forgettable.

The translucent tablet slips about the tongue with sugary verve, a corn syrup shell that cracks without much effort. The cascade of honey is where the product gets its name and self-description, providing even more sweetness but with texture and nuance all its own. Resultantly things never become too saccharine, as the pure sacchariferous rectangular prism dissolves speedily and without much aftertaste. The wave of the hornet hive derivative should be a bit more dramatic, more flavorful, however the experience is enjoyable and without any other issues.

A trio of candies contains 100 percent of your daily intake of vitamins B12, B6 and C, and some honey. From those alone a buzz does not develop, as fifteen grams of carbohydrates is not exactly gonna get ya goin'. It certainly did not sooth my caffeine craving, but that is more of an observance than a criticism.

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