Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Kabang Watermelon Energy Candy Review

The last Kabang candy, for now, left to review is their pink watermelon variety, pictographically parallel to the last three flavors. Only unique is the alleged taste and the color pink, which looks great against the black but blends awfully with the white text.

The sole piece revealed was an elephant man of sorts, deformed that only a mother confectioner could love. Cracked and covered in acid and sodium bicarbonate, the ugly candy needed no persuasive force to begin fizzing. It was a disappointing effervescence though, lasting all of one moment with little strength compared to past Kabangs. But the flavor could have saved this misfit comfit, however be it the taste's weakness or uninteresting approach, this still swiftly scoffed sweetmeat dissatisfied. It hardly resembles the fruit in allegation, lacking the natural subtly and delicate sweetness of the thick-rind vegetation. Overall, fortunately far from bitter, this energy candy closes a line seen better.

A regurgitation of prior flavors and really anything caffeine free, there really is not much of a kick to be had. There is ginseng sure, and some B and C vitamins, but hardly does that stimulate the same as my namesake goad. All in all, there is certainly some squandered potential here; with some caffeine and non-damaged goods, this could have been really something special. As it is however, it is just well, just "something."

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