Sunday, March 10, 2013

Feel Mango Passionfruit Energy Drink Review

The first in the new Feel line, Wild Berry, was a tasty introduction, so it is a shame that the Raspberry Lemonade was such a mistake. There is hope for their next variety however, Mango Passionfruit, an appropriate morning flavor that is sounding good this morning.

Passion fruit initiates each sip, attritive textured with earthy notes and is as sweet as dessert without the second "s." It complements mango well, balmy with equal misemphasis on sugar; a fruit tart with arresting quality and freshness. There is some tangerine and apple nuance 'bout halfway through, but they fade without honey and power. Each sip is distinctly rough, dryly saccharine with decided brusqueness, however carbonation plays very little part. It is demulcent but disappointingly destitute of dynamism, easy but cursory and boring on the tongue. To end, the placid experience crawls as it passes, a dull and blunt beverage that I would not honestly chose this over many, except perhaps their Raspberry Lemonade flavor.

Each can contains: caffeine (eighty five milligrams), ginseng, guarana, A, B, and C vitamins. Energy is a brief two and a half hours, of average strength but without jitters or crash. On the whole, Feel Mango Passionfruit definitely has fruit, but very little passion.

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