Saturday, March 16, 2013

Rip It Sting-eR-Mo Energy Shot Review

The original Sting-eR-Mo had a striking can when I reviewed it in 2010, but it struggles with such an acute abbreviation. Shapes shoot in all directions without purpose, cluttering text that otherwise would read easy, considering it all reads one direction (save for the awkwardly placed "sugar free"). The logically sized lexicon provides even the briefest glance with power to find out what is important, what is written the largest. But the color scheme, admittedly intriguing, forces a usually humdrum design into a busy mess of distraction.

Tropical fruit my ass; I know better than to falsely pipe dream about the flavor being anything but a Red Bull clone. It is nothing new but entirely drinkable, and is almost enjoyable. Fat with rich and saccharine vanilla and gummy sour apple, a touch of bubble gum masquerades as depth to two tastes unoriginal. The texture is sticky with sweetness, a decent replication considering being complete fabrications, but a bit of a bitter aftertaste still remains.

Caffeine (100 mg), glucuronolactone, taurine, B vitamins and glutamine make up the blend here. The kick is a substandard two hour buzz without jitters or crash. To end, a bad energy drink actually translates into a slightly better shot, if only for the lack of disappointment.

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