Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Roaring Lion Au Natural Energy Drink Review

Au Natural is hardly a gradient switch from the new "Zero" variety, a bland and unarresting bottle that is bizarrely shrink wrapped from neck to bottom. The claw marks are generic tries at personality, understated graphics that are as boring as the outlined lion head. Their attempt at minimalism flounder without the careful grace necessary, a faded bottle that would be lucky even to be noticed on shelves. Oh, and how can a drink named after its naturalness have "artificial flavor?"

The iced cold golden potation sips with unsurpassed smoothness, sour with heavy sweetness. You are first introduced to apple, a taste benefiting from the potent sugariness and sourness. The fruit lacks the fresh taste it has off the tree (or even off the cart), but avoids the artificiality many Red Bull clones promote. There of course is some vanilla in every sip, but weaker on the tongue than anticipated without any depth from the beverages' "natural" declaration. The dense saccharinity eventually builds up with its gummy texture and bubble gum taste, a detour fortunately long down the road. The sour experience mutates to support a sour bite, effectively ending each confectionery exposure. Overall, you can ignore the rest of this bombastic paragraph; this tastes like Red Bull.

Each bottle contains: caffeine (152 milligrams), several B vitamins, guarana, and taurine. There is disappointingly little energy, two to three hours with mediocre strength. On the whole, Roaring Lion Au Natural is even more pointless than the company's recent Zero attempt.

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Michael Guru said...

Good review man. They should rename it UN-natural energy drink. And I agree that the bottle looks plain... it seems as if they're still trying to figure out if they want to go for that extreme hardcore look or the all natural look.

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