Saturday, May 25, 2013

X8 Powermint Energy Gum Review

These large gum pieces resemble energy mints of the past, namely Foosh and revive, more than anything. They come in this exclusively promotional packaging, a fairly sharp design who's italicized font proves an ounce difficult to read.

The gum is two toned and textured, a slippery white side and the other matte blue. The flavor is certainly potent, earning its "powermint" moniker, intense peppermint that explodes instantly. It lasts just a second however, and now you stand chewing a malleable material tasting artificially sweet but of nothing. It is at least pleasant between your teeth, never grainy and preforms like you would expect. With everything out of the initial piece, you reach for the last, a kindred experience that climaxes on the verge of being overwhelming. Overall, although not bad, the flavor should have been more creative.

Each piece contains caffeine (fifty milligrams), and B vitamins, and prides itself on having no herbal stimulants. The kick lasts two and a half hours, of decent strength but unambiguously quick-hitting. On the whole, X8 is an energy gum no worse than any before it, but not any better either.

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