Thursday, May 23, 2013

Zombie Blast Wild Berry Energy Shot Review

Resembling a child's novelty candy more so than an energy shot, this packaging is gimmicky with a forced personality. It tries way too hard, and is impossible to take seriously, and it does not help that the guy behind the counter actually warned me about the flavor.

The cap unscrews and exposes a bottle made of plastic so cheap it would make dollar store toys jealous. Warning in mind and chaser in hand, the first sip is actually a whole heck of a lot better than expected. Granted it is nothing you would want sixteen ounces of, but there is not any bitterness and the flavor is remarkably palatable. The berry here is more mild than wild, tasting distractedly of blackberry with shallow nuances of tart cranberry. Perhaps there is some blueberry as well, even some pomegranate maybe. The argued depth is pointless in a product designed to last two sips, a refreshingly unremarkable experience to this thickly novel product.

The caffeine content is disclosed but compared to a cup of coffee; eighty to 120 milligrams is an educated guess. There is also B vitamins, taurine, guarana, yerba mate, ginseng, and others. The kick lasted two hours or so and satisfied my lust for the bitter stimulant, but was nothing to survive a zombie apocalypse with.

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