Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tweaker Pink Lemonade Energy Shot Review

Everything went wrong with this label: even on the small retail space of a shot nobody wants to read vertical text. And pink on pink for the logo is too much despite decent readability, and come on, can a pink energy product be any flavor other than pink lemonade? Oh, and do not forget that this is "with calcium," because that is apparently just so important.

The sweaty stench of fake lemonade escapes from the thin bottle, warm and grossly dense with a tartness that would make Greek yogurt jealous. The sweetness is... sweet, tolerable but boring and dispassionate. Things are supposed to taste like lemon, lemonade rather, and for two ounces it does, but to sit here, sip and sit back and reflect, you expose the beverage's heavily abridged and impartial impersonation of a fruit deserving more. But for a shot, a shot strictly, this is not all that bad.

Each shot contains: caffeine, ginseng, yerba mate, and calcium of course. And there a three hour kick too, give or take, one without a crash or jitters. Overall, Tweaker Pink Lemonade kicks decently, which being the entire point of shots, makes this only a decent shot.

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