Sunday, May 19, 2013

Xenergy + Hydration Tropical Punch Review

Huh? What the hell am I writing about this for? I review "energy" drinks, not these stupid hydration- huh, what, it says "energy" at the top?! Oh, um, well, uh, yeah. A misguided entry into the hydration and energy market, containing no caffeine will help avoid dehydration and escape controversy but also elude energy. And ignoring the boring aluminum color, being a can means you cannot just throw this into your gym bag or sip at your leisure, an dire citation of the early All-Sport (only this is smart enough not to be carbonated).

The aroma is pungently vitamin-esque and grainy, off-putting and discouraging. The flavor showcases red and blue raspberry, artificial and alkaline with a hollow saccharinity that has little interest in self control. There is guava and passion fruit as well, perhaps a touch of lime present additionally, but none demonstrate even the slightest realism; forcefully fake with listless progression. Each sip is exhausted and vacuous, an experience with no dynamism or excitement, only bland distractions. Far from ever thirst quenching although never a struggle to drink, Xenergy + Hydration Tropical Punch proves the company released too many with too little R&D.

B vitamins and electrolytes make up the kick here, or what ever you could call this. There was little energy, a feeling of only mild refreshment or rejuvenation if anything, and even then it is a stretch.

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