Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Nawgan Mango Lemon Lime Energy Drink Review

The second zero calorie option in this tedious line, Nawgan Mango Lemon Lime sports the same irksome can that was criticized last year, save for a color change. The mind maze is cute but bland, and all the white seems to be forcing you to look away from it on the shelf.

A very tempered scent is exposed at a tug at the tab, and the first sip is actually pretty good. It is surprising, really, especially from a line who sucked so consistently last year. You can definitely taste the mango, a flavor powdery borrowing a fairly accurate and satisfying tartness from the lime. Its presence is distant and distracted unfortunately, missing its trademark zeal and piquant taste. The can does not lie when it declares lemon's presence, although the yellow fruit acts much more like a nuanced bridge between the others than an actual flavor. Carbonation is most certainly missed, but at least everything here is decent; for a Nawgan that is.

With caffeine now clocking in at 110 milligrams, the buzz still lasts nothing longer than two hours. Each can contains also: citicoline, vitamin E, and B vitamins. To end, this Mango Lemon Lime variety is a most unassuming energy drink, even to the point of not calling itself that at all. Fine Nawgan, you are a most unassuming "alertness beverage."

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Anonymous said...

I didn't like it. Nawgan made me jittery, nervous, and paranoid.

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