Friday, July 12, 2013

Hood Latte Light Mocha Iced Coffee Drink Review

Hood has thrown their ugly hat into the ring of carton iced coffee beverages, and Mocha Light is the first of several generic varieties available to be reviewed here. The design seems to be stuck in the eighties or before, faded and old looking photos clutter a blue background.

This thinned beverage hits the tongue with a surprisingly competent creaminess and sufficing sweetness. The experience is diluted but negligibly so, however the mocha allegation is viscid and fake like chocolate syrup. Then there is the coffee presence, a milquetoast and unstimulating brew that is understated and muffled under the weight of imitation mocha and milkiness. Drinking like the obvious poor-man's International Delight, this light Hood Latte is a product you feel bad for, and continue sipping out of pity.

Each eight ounces contains a modest sixty milligrams of caffeine and that is it. You really have to drink a few serving to get that morning drip-brew buzz, and by that point you have had so many calories that you might as well had gotten a coffee and doughnut at Tim Horton's. And that is how this beverage is overall; you should have just gotten something else.

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