Sunday, July 14, 2013

Coco Cafe Vanilla Latte Review

The dull off-white background is probably the best thing about this drink visually; it instantly reminds me of its flavor, vanilla. Otherwise, the feebly tropical and entirely plain design fails to stimulate either my eye's or stomach's appetite.

There is none of the lauded perfume to this Coca Cafe variety, but your first tasting exposes the product's slippery texture and deadened creaminess. In other words, a splash of reduced fat milk is not enough, and each forced sip leaves you wanting a splash of cream in its place. The coconut water brings disgusting dilution rather than any nuttiness, either to the vanilla vanilla flavor or the wan coffee taste. Far easier to complete (yes, this is a challenge), than the former Mocha variety, but neither can even touch last year's Espresso version.

Identical ingredients result in an identical buzz, exampled most finely here. Two hours is standard for both the line and for anything with 120 milligrams of caffeine. All in all, do not buy Coco Cafe Vanilla Latte; do not buy the Mocha Latte either. Buy their Espresso flavor instead.

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