Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Skinny Coffee Vanilla Latte Review

Nothing but another one of those coffee drinks that have become quite the market, this attempt is natural with fifty percent less calories than the leading drink. Of course, they are a sore winner, and do not say who the leading beverage is. But getting back on track, this carton is physically uninspired filling eyes with ennui, skinny on calories but also personality, and heavy on redundant text.

This thin-bodied beverage hits the palate with a vanilla flavor that is both super sweet and relatively coy, thick with a wonderful fatty flavor that goes against its diluted texture. Unfortunately there is not much coffee taste to taste, yet you do not care, it is the mirthful dissonance that makes this experience; it is honest and naturally saccharine but extremely and almost childishly so, and its watery mouthfeel tastes of rich cream. It should not taste good and does not: it tastes great!

Each container contains ninety milligrams of caffeine, and some B vitamins. Sure, there is a buzz, a petty one lasting just under two hours without jitters. To end, Skinny Coffee Vanilla Latte is flavorful but weak, and you should not have to sacrifice one for the other.

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