Sunday, June 30, 2013

Awake Caffeinated Chocolate Caramel Review

"Hey, Owl-man, good ta see ya! Give me some wing!" Last seen last year, this new caramel flavor was spotted at an impressively clean convenience store, one thusly of frequent visits. The all brown color scheme here is as sharp as the darker, all-chocolate version, although the colored word "caffeinated" struggles to be noticed.

Nearly identical to how I remember its pure cousin preforming, my teeth sink into the magical, concave confection, breaking off a modest piece that turns into liquid gold at the heat of your mouth. 101 milligrams of caffeine were invited into the bar but drinks nowhere near the flavor; there is absolutely no bitterness or chemical nastiness in this ounce and a half dessert. The chocolate is creamy and saccharine, most obviously not dark or even semi-sweet, but with the ooze of the sucrose sauce simplicity the experience rivals cloyingness and almost loses. One serving is just enough, but steers too close to being too much.

Two hours is all you should expect from the aforementioned caffeine content, along with 210 calories. To end, this is something to be consumed with strict restriction, lest you risk an exhausted palate and jitters.

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