Thursday, July 4, 2013

neuro Passion Energy Drink Review

Trapped in an equally vague bottle, Neuro Passion contains caffeine and claims to energize just like its "Sonic" brother did last year; it apparently makes too much sense to simply write "energy drink" somewhere on the container. It is at least a beaut to look at, curvaceous with a crimson red that makes the white text pop, although there is too much of it.

The grooves in the lid are small but conform well to your digits, and just like the aforementioned variety, this has quite the bitter aroma. The flavor is providentially palatable, roughly effervescent with distant declarations of tangerine, tenebrously tart with a just sweetness. There are cherry implications and mango nuance, with perhaps some orange as well. Dismally the dirty carbonation and distracted flavors make for an experience of unexpected chaos, one without much harmony or real reason. It certainly does not taste bad, but it is difficult to say what exactly it tastes like.

There is very little of a kick here, containing B vitamins, taurine, some hard to spell minerals or chemicals, and an unknown quantity of caffeine. Like Angles Aphroenergy, this beverage is intended also to awake your giggle stick (and hope she does not giggle). I hate to report that it was no more, um, interested, after drinking this, although it could just be me (and I am sure the Misses would agree). On the whole, this is a mess of a review, because this is a mess of a product. That is what this is, a product. Not an energy drink, not a salacious drink. A product. A product  birthed out of stupidity (probably because the parents bought this instead of a condom).

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Tuff Man said...

I have to say that this has been one of my favorite energy drinks because it affects my tinnitus the least. I also like the sonic. I am currently taking suggestions on what new ones to try as i am now buying them direct from amazon and this one is on the expensive side. I have to say, I LOVE YOUR BLOG SOOOOOOO MUCH!!!!! IT IS SO GREAT AND YOU DO SUCH GREAT REVIEWS AND INTRODUCE ME TO SO MANY GREAT ENERGY DRINKS!!!! KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK AND CHECK OUT MY BLOG(which is not about energy drinks)!!! Also, i am open to any suggestions for drinks that will not make my tinnitus worse, top priority for me!! THANKS AGAIN!!!

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