Wednesday, August 21, 2013

International Delight Vanilla Iced Coffee Review

Consonantly ugly to the brand's Mocha flavor also sold at ten and a half ounces, this Vanilla variety is very "International Delight," but not particularly cosmopolitan or delightful. The bottle has a second-rate feel in the palm, as handsome as Quasimodo with all his symmetry when held between your fingers.

Sweet with the fake vanilla goodness of such flavored ice cream, with an unmistakable fattiness that would make Paula Deen blush. It is satisfying to drink, almost sickeningly but never interrupting the intention to finish in as little as only a few sips. The coffee taste debatably present, lost within the creamy glibness and dessert-esque flavors, although arguably it is unnecessary. Tasting as much like iced coffee as it ever does when served anything but black, it forces the question why this is not instead marketed as a caffeinated vanilla milkshake?

There again is only 100 or so milligrams of caffeine, an amount almost half of what a cup of real coffee should provide. There is a complaisant kick lasting two hours, if you are not particularly exhausted. I was not physically exhausted when I had this, only exhausted from all the "iced coffees" of recent times.

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