Thursday, August 29, 2013

V8 V-Fusion Diet Cranberry Raspberry Energy Drink Review

Conforming to the standard tropes of diet beverages, especially the ones spiked with caffeine, V8 V-Fusion Diet Cranberry Raspberry looks like an energy drink, thanks exclusively to its can size, while also looking low-calorie, due nearly entirely to its baby clue can (the words "energy" and "diet" help also). Otherwise, the can is dully busy, its genesis without purpose or public desire.

Ten calories results in a paltry percentage of eight, a flavor a bit boring but not the least bit bad or bitter. It has something of a artificial sugar aftertaste, but the unexpectedly robust taste of cranberry covers its shortcomings. The experience depicts meager influence from the supposed presence of raspberry, a fruit perhaps only represented by its tartness. Far from a negative, this drink is a completely generic one, its flavor as flavorful as possible, everything considered of course.

Eighty milligrams of caffeine and varied percentages of various B vitamins make up most of the energy blend here. The kick? Well, it is no different from the line's previous efforts. Its taste, however, is the best the brand has ever canned.

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