Friday, September 6, 2013

fikks Energy Drink Review

Now in a can all its own, this updated Fikks Energy remains too small and cryptic to really show consumers its edge over the myriad of Monsters and rout of Rockstars. What is with this dog, light bulb character obviously important enough to trademark but not name? Maybe its name is Fikks, but honestly, who gives a flying fikk?!

The flavor remains unsurprisingly a Red Bull clone, steeped in its own gratuitous gumminess and superfluous sourness. The texture is hearty however, thick but compelling as you sip all eight ounces can offer. There is haphazard apple to taste, bathing in the former causeless characteristics, sweet with an acceptable honesty. Vanilla is again present not much unlike the original, although the flavor dies beneath the heavy blanket that is sour and gummy apple. And much akin to the original, Fikks here tries absolutely nothing new; it is a Red Bull clone that knows it is a Red Bull clone, and has no fun with the cliche. Fortunately, it is not necessarily a bad tasting one.

Each can contains: caffeine (eighty milligrams), aloe vera, ginseng, guarana, inositol, l-carnitine, B vitamins, and vitamin C. The kick is muddled and lasts just two hours, despite the slight increase of caffeine from the original. Overall, Fikks Energy is a little different this time around, but just as pointless.

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